Jeep TJ Stretch

DIY 3 Link / 4 Link Suspension

In this episode we are going to situate the suspension mounts on the frame side of the Jeep TJ. The front end will be held together by a 3 link suspension system that we build ourselves. The rear will be a semi-triangulated 4 link. The goal for total stretch will be 103" wheel base.

Bump Steer, Flex Steer, Scrub Radius EXPLAINED!

Back to 4x4 school! Let's look at the basics of suspension on a real 4x4 instead of a whiteboard. Bump steer is a super common and misunderstood problem. I wanted to use this video to as a way to explain it to someone who is new to working on 4x4s. Flex steer and scrub radius are both pretty much never talked about mainstream and think these are extremely important elements as well.

DIY Wrangler Transfer Case Skid

It is time consuming but an important process, building your Wranglers skid plate!
In this episode we are continuing the TJ Stretch by fabricating our own skid plate from scratch! Even if you don't have the same kinds of tools available to you as I do to me, I hope this video can help spur some creativity and one day help you DIY a skid plate for your own vehicle!

Cheap Jeep Fuel Tank Option

7 gallons?!?! Will this be a big enough fuel tank for my Jeep TJ? Of course!! My Jeep has a 1.9L Turbo Diesel that runs on hopes, dreams and Unicorn farts! 🦄
In this episode of the TJ stretch series you will witness my very first tig welding project! I've spent the last few weeks practicing aluminum tig welding and now it is time to modify this aftermarket fuel tank! This is a universal fuel tank from Speedway Motors that I am going to modify to fit our needs. The GenRight fuel tank I had before didn't allow enough stretch, sometimes you gotta think outside the box!

Hydraulic Bumpstop/Air Bump Setup and Tuning Techniques (TJ Stretch Episode 5)

There are many ways to achieve a good ride quality, today we are going to talk about an important one. Bump stops! Whether you are going with rubber or hydraulic, you need'em! This is not intended to be a all inclusive guide but rather a peak into the world of hydro/air bumps. Join me as I setup a some front and rear bump stops on my wheeler. Every build has it's own set of challenges and requirements for mounting. For me, I mounted these in a location that was convenient and didn't require reinventing the wheel. That said you can get very creative in your placement to optimize performance!

DIY Tube Fenders! (TJ Stretch Episode 6)

There is light at the end of the tunnel! This TJ is almost ready to hit the trail. In todays episode, we are going to build our own aluminum tube fenders from scratch! We will be mounting them to some aluminum corner armor blanks from GenRight. The techniques I use in this video will carry over well to a steel tube fender as well.

Coils vs Coilovers, Shock Tuning and Hydro Bumpstop Tuning (TJ Stretch Episode 7)

Today we finish the series! Today we are going to weigh the pros and cons of coilovers and traditional coils. We are tuning some bypass shocks and hydro bumpstops as well!
We are going wheeling twice in this episode to get this rig ready for the trip of a lifetime... Trail to SEMA 2019 🤘

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