Fabrication Tools & Projects

Harbor Freight Bender Hacks, Tips and Tricks!

Today we are going to look through all the bending hacks, tips and tricks. The Harbor Freight pipe bender can also bend tube with the methods seen in this video!

Amazon's CHEAP Alternative To Aluminum Welding!!!

This stuff is really cool! With a little practice this is a sweet alternative to aluminum welding! All you need is the Alumaloy rod, a clean work surface and a torch. You don't even need flux! I tested this stuff by building a catch can over the weekend and I knew many of you would want a video on how to use it. This stuff is cheap, easy and light weight. You bet your ass I'll be keeping some in my trail bag!

Teach Yourself To Weld With This Video!!!

Today we are going to begin the process of teaching ourselves how to MIG weld! This is a skill that you will not regret putting the time into! There is much more to welding then we can cover in one video but this is without a doubt enough info to get you started RIGHT NOW! Most of what you need to know is gained by hours of using the machine. But you need somewhere to start and the purpose of this video is to get you in your shop sticking metal together!!!

19 Metal Fabrication Tips/Tools For Beginners


We have a ton of topics to cover today! Believe it or not, I had a list of 34 tips but decided to cut it down to 19 for time. I have many questions from first time fabricators and want to try and tackle some of these questions in this video... Plus a couple extra tips that I think are valuable!
I hope that if you're new to fabrication this video can serve as some motivation to start building things yourself! The satisfaction of building something from raw materials is difficult to get anywhere else!  No better time then now to start growing your skills!

DIY HiLift Jack Mods! Great for Beginners!

Today we are building stuff! The hi-lift jack is as loved as much as it is hated. This tool is as good or as bad as you make it. I think with enough creativity, there is a ton of room for improvement with the hi-lift jack. In this video I want to explore this idea! Enjoy!

A Fabrication Tool Most People Don't Know Exists... (SWAG Off Road Press Brake)

A lot of fabricators (new and old) over look a good press brake as a essential tool. I know I'm someone who should have bought this much sooner! After talking to some new fabricators lately, I realized a lot of folks have never heard of a press brake. I've even met some older craftsmen that haven't seen one before. Now that I finally bought this thing, you are going to see many instances in which this is a very valuable tool to own. In this episode, we will assemble the Swag off road press brake and modify my press to more easily put a bend in flat bar.

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