Off Road Adventures

Let It Snow!

Finally! We have snow in the mountains! Snow wheeling is a pretty big deal here in the Pacific Northwest. We really only get a few months out of the year when we have access to the good stuff. If the snow is too wet it sucks so its only during the coldest months that we get the best snow for wheeling. In this video we find some pretty deep snow! This is only my second adventure video on the channel so I hope guys enjoy it! Let it snow.

Epic Off Road Recovery!

I had an epic off road recovery while rock crawling at Reiter foothills! Many of the folks in this video left with broken parts and body damage... It was Awesome! Join me as we leave the shop to have some fun off road. 4 wheeling at Reiter foot hills is a real treat. Amazing views, great trails and epic rocks! Any rock crawler would love getting to spend the weekend exploring the terrain of this epic ORV landscape.

Get Stuck.

In today's video we are going to hit one of my favorite trails in the Pacific Northwest. The Busy Wild. This trail is located at Elbe hills orv near Mount Rainier and it's legendary. Because of its location, The Busy Wild changes quite a bit throughout the year. These changes can be very dramatic and can happen with in a month or two. I've seen the busy wild almost impossible before and it can have muddy holes that swallow up a 44" tire.

Off-Road Carnage!!! Stranded on Elbe Boat Ramp!


Today we are going to hit some trails! This is my first off-road video on my channel. If wheeling is something you want to see more of, let me know in the comments. These types of videos present some big challenges but I really enjoy making them! This video takes place at Elbe Hills ORV in Western Washington. In the PNW we have a lot of trees, water and rocks. This makes for a ton of slippery obstacles with the need for lots of wheel speed! We even hit the newest obstacle at Elbe... the boat ramp! Watch the video to see how my little diesel powered TJ fares against the elements. Enjoy the video!

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