Underrated Overlanders

Underrated Overlanders!!

I have been talking about doing this series for long enough!!! It's time to build a couple overlanders! There are a lot of good overlander platforms out there. JK, Toyota, XJ are all great and very popular. But I think people are forgetting about some very affordable and capable rigs that don't get brought up in the conversation enough. This 2005 Jeep Liberty CRD diesel and this 2003 Land Rover discovery are both great options! We don't see these getting built enough! Time to start a movement of building underrated 4x4s to be as good as their more popular counterparts! I can't wait to build these rigs and get them in the dirt where they belong!

Overland Roof Rack Build for Roof Top Tents

Today on Dirt Lifestyle, I'm building an Overland roof rack! I'm building this specifically to mount my roof top tent on my Landrover Discovery. This video isn't necessary a full DIY but I intended it to be helpful for those of you that are new to fabrication or looking for inspiration. I know the overlanding world is full of do it yourselfers that want to start building projects like this. I hope this video can help some of you get going in the right direction! These are very expensive. Building a roof rack yourself is rewarding and can save you money.

ULTIMATE Overlander Tailgate Kitchen!

Today we are going to make the ultimate overlander tailgate kitchen! well, I'm not sure if it's the ultimate lol but it will certainly be functional! The only thing missing is the kitchen sink... I think that may be added on a later video. This is a very simple design that can be used for inspiration on more than just Land Rovers. It can be used on just about any make and model.  Be creative! You don't need high end tools to build fun projects like this. I promise you can DIY just as mediocre as me! Take the plunge into fabrication! You won't look back. Enjoy the video!

DIY Offroad Diff Covers...100% Scrap Steel!

Differential covers are the unsung heroes of any build. You MUST have these for reliable off-road performance but you have options on how to get them. You can buy them from a multitude of different manufactures or you can build them. Buying a nice set of off-road diff guards is a great option, but this is a channel for builders! In today's video I want to show you some simple tips to building your own diff covers and give you an idea of the work involved. This unit from Barnes 4WD is a great off the shelf option should you decide to save some time and buy one.

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